By Michael Newton & Aidan McCabe

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This review will be focusing on the blind accessibility features of the game. For a full list of all accessibility features, read the list below.

Last year was one of the most exciting and positive years for accessibility in video games. The release of The Last of Us Part II (TLU) completely transformed expectations of what a game can provide in terms of accessibility. Alongside TLU, publishers such as EA and Ubisoft have made positive steps to ensure greater accessibility in their games.

Several months after its release came a new Playstation exclusive title…

A PlayStation 5 controller alongside a DualSense Controller.

Like many people on November 19th across the UK (and indeed throughout the world), like some hellish game of Mortal Kombat, I found myself spending endless hours repeatedly hitting the enter key and refreshing the page. First it was Curry’s, then John Lewis, Game and Amazon. That night, I was probably screaming the words ‘out of stock’ in my sleep. The next few weeks brought similar results. Only after a chance drop with BT, was I lucky enough to get hold of the much sought after console. So, a month later, here are my thoughts on Sony’s newest offering.


Michael Newton

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